Obligatory Annual Kid With Pumpkin Picture

Fall in Georgia is very nice. It lasts for about 3 days, wherein I field about 37 calls from procrastinators who don’t understand why I can’t do a photo session that same day and then ask if I “ad match.”

(If you’ve never experienced August through November in Georgia, our other seasons are HolyShitIt’sHot and EverythingLooksDeadAndIsSlightlySoggy.)

Every fall I – along with probably 83% of American parents with children under the age of 10 – drag my kid to get his picture for his “fall picture.” Weird how society dictates what dates and milestones require obligatory grip-and-grin pictures. That’s a whole ‘nother conversation though. Anyway.

I guess I could go all out like the Pinterest Supermoms – set up the mums and hay bales and scarecrows from Walmart and a variety of decorative gourds. Get a chalkboard sign and maybe throw some Mason jars or some shit around in there somewhere… but I just really…Do. Not. Care.


We all know that:

1. You HAVE to have a fall picture. That’s the rules.
2. If you don’t have some festive junk in there we’d never know looking at the picture that it was fall, because fall in Georgia lasts 3 days.

cottonpumpkins2He was all about the pumpkins until we got there and he decided he’d rather drive his school bus monster truck through the hay rows and rotten pumpkin guts on the ground and then up and down some dude’s leg.

I gave up after 10 minutes.

This was about the best I got. I thought he looked a little, um… off… and posted it to Facebook thinking it was half adorable, half funny, to which all of Facebookland agreed that this was one of The Best Pictures They Ever Did See.

So I started thinking maybe it really was a fantastic picture, and I got excited and made everyone in the family wallet size prints. They demand wallets like some sort of blood sacrifice. I proudly presented the wallet sized masterpiece to my husband, who is one of 5 people in America without Facebook these days and hadn’t seen the picture yet. And of course…

“Our kid looks like a window licker.”

And then I liked it better in black and white, so you can’t even see all the fantastic fall colors, but luckily – there are pumpkins, so whew, we all know it’s fall.


About Lindy.

I like things that kick ass and hate things that suck.
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3 Responses to Obligatory Annual Kid With Pumpkin Picture

  1. jourdorae says:

    Hello there, I absolutely adore your photos! I’m a new young photographer and would be so thankful if you had the time to like/share my page as well! Thank you for your time!

  2. pabloconrad says:

    LOL. You write some of the funniest shit.

    Love coming to your blog when I’m having an off day.

    Thanks Lindy

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