Wednesday Burns It To The Ground

I’m not a holiday person. I try. But I’m really not. Plus my grandfather is gone now and so is Mark’s mom, so it’s double weird. Anyway.


Merry Thanksgiving.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about picking up photography as an exciting hobby or to start a photography business, right now Groupon has a Digital Rebel T3 + 2 lens kit for $449 and Photoshop Elements for $55. They’re “doorbuster deals,” which I have no idea what that means in terms of Groupon, but I’m guessing that means it won’t last long.

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The Intern

Every now and then I have some aspiring photographer or another offer to work for me for free so they can learn to be a photographer or something. So basically, volunteer unpaid intern. The concept of not paying someone to do something you find valuable enough to need to be done… not cool. I have control issues anyway and beans to pay anyone but me, so I turn them down.

This one I couldn’t turn down.



Also, awe.

So I created a position for him, since… well… pick your battles. He’s not getting a magnetic name tag for bridal shows just yet, that’s all I’m sayin.

Because Squirt typically has the attention span of a mentally impaired gnat, I thought I’d go ahead and post current internship job description for anyone considering applying once he gets bored.

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Photoshop for Everyone! Adobe opens up their Creative Cloud bundle for everyone – for $10 a month

I have a holiday/Black Friday/whatever deal for you, and the subject line pretty much says it all. And so does this picture.



A while back Adobe unveiled a special Photoshop CC / Lightroom 5 / Creative Cloud / Behance / 20GB cloud space bundle for photographers for 10 bucks a month! Even if you’re like me and have no idea what the heck BeHance is, it’s a pretty sweet deal, considering beforehand pros shooters were paying $20+/month just for Photoshop or $50+/month for the entire Creative Suite Creative Cloud whatevertheycallitnow package.

The catch for the $10 deal: you had to already have CS3 or above to qualify. Oh, you’re an Elements user wanting to upgrade? Have a bootleg copy and got a rare case of copyright infringement related guilt? You’ve just been sticking to Gimp and Instagram filters? Sucks for you. Until now, for a limited time.

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Holiday Gift Guide For Photographers, Pt. 1 (plus coupon codes!)

I’m all about thinking ahead. Seriously, I start Christmas shopping in July. Sometimes earlier. I am, however, one of the most painfully disorganized people I know (a great trait for a business owner), so I like lists. I love lists. The only reason my life stays together at all is because of lists. I love ‘gift guide’ sorts of lists closer to the holidays, because it saves a lot of time snooping around for gift ideas when I have no time to shop and  it’s crunch time, and usually your can find some “exclusive” coupons mixed in there somewhere – that goes for blog lists and the Toys R Us book. I figured I’d make a gift guide list, but…

…I’m totally cheating this time. I discovered today that I Heart Faces has already compiled a list of great gifts for that special photographer in your life. I haven’t had time to compile squat.

Some of them are great, anyway. It’s a pretty eclectic list. Who’d have thought to give someone a posing guide for chunky women as a gift? Actually, that could be useful.

I did notice that the list leans pretty far toward lady gifts and not as many things dudes might want. Except a GoPro. Everyone wants a GoPro.

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Obligatory Annual Kid With Pumpkin Picture

Fall in Georgia is very nice. It lasts for about 3 days, wherein I field about 37 calls from procrastinators who don’t understand why I can’t do a photo session that same day and then ask if I “ad match.”

(If you’ve never experienced August through November in Georgia, our other seasons are HolyShitIt’sHot and EverythingLooksDeadAndIsSlightlySoggy.)

Every fall I – along with probably 83% of American parents with children under the age of 10 – drag my kid to get his picture for his “fall picture.” Weird how society dictates what dates and milestones require obligatory grip-and-grin pictures. That’s a whole ‘nother conversation though. Anyway.

I guess I could go all out like the Pinterest Supermoms – set up the mums and hay bales and scarecrows from Walmart and a variety of decorative gourds. Get a chalkboard sign and maybe throw some Mason jars or some shit around in there somewhere… but I just really…Do. Not. Care.


We all know that:

1. You HAVE to have a fall picture. That’s the rules.
2. If you don’t have some festive junk in there we’d never know looking at the picture that it was fall, because fall in Georgia lasts 3 days.

cottonpumpkins2He was all about the pumpkins until we got there and he decided he’d rather drive his school bus monster truck through the hay rows and rotten pumpkin guts on the ground and then up and down some dude’s leg.

I gave up after 10 minutes.

This was about the best I got. I thought he looked a little, um… off… and posted it to Facebook thinking it was half adorable, half funny, to which all of Facebookland agreed that this was one of The Best Pictures They Ever Did See.

So I started thinking maybe it really was a fantastic picture, and I got excited and made everyone in the family wallet size prints. They demand wallets like some sort of blood sacrifice. I proudly presented the wallet sized masterpiece to my husband, who is one of 5 people in America without Facebook these days and hadn’t seen the picture yet. And of course…

“Our kid looks like a window licker.”

And then I liked it better in black and white, so you can’t even see all the fantastic fall colors, but luckily – there are pumpkins, so whew, we all know it’s fall.

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Doctor Frankenmomtographer, Livebooks and the Monster


I have this new project. Not really a project. Sort of a new project. New business things. They are in the works. It’s very exciting, but I’m preemptively annoyed because my original goal has already exploded into a mutant hulk and I know I’ll obsess about it until it’s all done with.

I can’t help it. I start with a thought. Thought turns into a goal. I brainstorm and diddle around here and there until the inevitable epiphany that usually hits me in the shower (really). I tear out of the shower, water still on, soap and boobs going every whichaway, body checking my kid in the living room, all so I can I scribble down my ingenious mental diarrhea all over whatever surface I can find before I forget. Then I work on it almost every waking moment I have muster, and probably think about it in my sleep, too.

It all started with a new website and a few altered business policies. They were supposed to make me more efficient and profitable (and eventually they will).

Anyway. I have a website for my business.  See below.


My current website is through Livebooks.

The design made more sense when I was doing more commercial and editorial work and I needed a portfolio. Friends recommended them and that they handled everything was very appealing as I had a small baby and zero time to fart around building a website.

Now my business primarily portraits and weddings. I need a website that is not only a sleek portfolio but also one that is engaging and useful for both current and potential clients, versus just… there.

Also, it costs $45/month to host and maintain.


That’s over half of our weekly grocery budget.

The problem is that the functionality really isn’t there. It’s a pain in the ass.

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Previously Around Here

So, I had a lot of early miscellaneous somewhat disconnected thoughts about photo-mom-business-things-whatever-stuff all scribbled down in exciting disorganized geometric shapes on a legal pad that might have turned into a blog for us…

mind diarrhea.

mind diarrhea.

But I didn’t have time for that.

Thursday I had no childcare, which was a surprise. I just love having a three year old office assistant. Not.

Sometimes Squirt lets me work, sometimes he doesn’t. I’d say I didn’t get squat done Thursday, but that would be inaccurate, as he wouldn’t even leave me alone long enough to pee. Badaboom.

Think of that clip from Family Guy of Stewie badgering one exhausted looking Lois for attention.

Just like that. All. Day. Long.

Eventually I gave up entirely. Then I decided the easiest way to entertain him was to set the kitchen on fire.

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